Cartagena de Indias, Colombia Day 3

Day three 7/2 Sunday.

We ended up, getting up early to take a taxi to what I would call a locals only beach (Bocagrande), in a section of Cartenga called the new city or Miami. This was an experience on its own. While walking to the beach from the taxi, we got approached by a man stating that he run the beach. His name was Cuco, his services included setting up an umbrella with chairs, a table and table service for whatever we needed. So that just what we did. The price wasn’t to bad, approximately $20 USD for the entire day. He even offered to scare away any vendors that harassed us.  First things first, we ordered a cooler of beer, you get a cooler full of beer and only pay for the beers you drink. Over all it was about $5 USD for a twelve pack. Colombia has a delicious refreshing beer called “Club Colombia” be sure to try it. After a few beers  we decided to cool off and jumped in the ocean. After a little swim, hunger kicked in so we order food from Cuco. He recommended getting grilled fish. This was absolutely one of the best fish I’ve ever had, it came with yuca fries and Sancocho (fish soup), although it was a little too hot for soup it is a Colombian tradition. It was a hole fish grilled, salted, so simple yet so delicious. It was the perfect lunch on the beach. As the sun started to go down, we decided to head back to the hotel to get ready for another night our in town.

We decided to go back to Mistura that night and enjoy a couple tapas while listening to the live salsa band. That night we took it slow since we had a long day planed ahead for the following day.

*Tip of the day. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals where to hang out. Every place we went, we felt safe and people were friendly all around. Even if you don’t speak Spanish. Trying to speak a few words, people definitely appreciate the effort.

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