Cartagena de Indias, Colombia Day 4

Day Four 7/3 Monday


For today we booked a day tour to “Islas Rosario” through our hotel concierge. We had looked into booking it on TripAdvisor but I’m glad we didn’t. The price online for any tour to the islands was double of what we paid. A van picked us up at the hotel and brought us to the port where all the boats to the islands leave from, from there it was about a one hour boat ride. The island we went to is called “Isla del Sol”, it is one of 23 islands off the coast of Cartagena. This small island has a small boutique hotel, the rooms are just bungalows that sit along the beach. Once we arrived to the island and got all set up, we jumped in the ocean since it looked so calm and refreshing. The snorkeling was amazing, I saw a couple schools of fish, coral and lots of wild life in the water. After we relaxed for a while (had some drinks, patacon and arepas) we asked one of the locals if we could be granted permission to visit the town, to what he responded very happy that it was his pleasure to show us around. This island has a population of 200 people give or take, 90% of those people never leave the island. It was definitely a great experience to see how they live, and how they are basically self sustainable. There are no motorized vehicles, and the only means of electricity are solar panels. As we walked through the town we saw the little town center, and the small town church. At the end of the trail a canoe was awaiting to take us through the mangroves. This was pretty cool and a bit creepy. Very quite and calm, the only thing we saw were these little crabs, birds and the biggest termite mounds I have ever seen. So after about 2 hours of venturing around we made it back to the beach for lunch, beer and a long nap. And just like that before we know it, it was time to go back to the mainland.

As usual, we went out for dinner but since we were tired from the long day all we decide to try Colombian hot dogs. They put small skinny French fries, cheese and bacon, a little different but good. Tonight was an early night since we were beat from the sun and the long day.

*Tip of the day. Ask your hotel for options and ideas for tours. They usually know someone in town that does tours and can get you a better price than booking it online or buying it from a random person on the street offering tours.

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