Cartagena de Indias, Colombia Day 6

ay Six 7/5 Wednesday

Today was all about shopping and buying gifts. I felt like we couldn’t get into each store quick enough, because it was hot. Today might have been the hottest day that we felt yet. It was about 95 degrees and 90% humidity. We had an amazing lunch at “La Mulata”. This place is super affordable and the food is delicious. As usual, they greeted you at the table with some Sancocho and your drink of choice. I ordered fish in a coconut sauce. The fish was so flaky and flavorful, and it had an amazing avocado salsa and rice on the side. After more walking and buying souvenirs, we went back to the hotel and jump in the pool to cool off. That night we went out to a bit more relaxed placed called “Juan Del Mar”. This restaurant is located across from Plaza de San Diego. If you sit outside by the sidewalk, you can watch all the street performers. The only downside is that they only serve pizza, otherwise they offer a full menu inside. After dinner, we went to an outdoor bar called “Donde Fidel” and listened to live music as we watch people passing by. It was super chilled and finally there was some cool breezy that felt wonderful.

*Tip of the day. Enjoy the first part of the day to explode and then take some shelter during the peak of the afternoon. The temperatures can get pretty steamy. This way you will have enough energy to enjoy the cooler nights, which are full of life, music and adventure.

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