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Hiking South Mountain Reservation

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Hiking in South Mountain Reservation.

Today I decided to go for a short two mile hike. Nothing to long. Just wanted to get outside. I have recently purchase a Canon T6 DLSR(review will be coming) and I want to try it out. The only way I know how to is by just by getting outside and exploring.  Decided to go over to South Mountain Reservation in West Orange NJ.  I was only able to walk around for an about 2 hours because the weather started turning and I wasn’t prepared for rain. Ended up driving down Brookside Drive, to a point I know where I could park and get out and walking around. The first place I was able to get to quickly was this small creek with a very small man made dam. This creek or river is part of the Rahway River system. But today, most of the river was dried up and not really moving. Was able to take some good pictures. Ended up crossing over the rock bed onto the other side of the river and walking down a trail for about half a mile, before I came across another trail. This trail sparked my interest. This trail seemed wide enough for a jeep and on top of that I saw a lot of tire track. So I decided to follow it for about a mile or so. This place was complete silent. The most I heard was two squirrels fights over a nut or something.  I am pretty much a quite person when I am out walking in the woods. But this was strange. So I would about a 100 feet stop, look and listen. I did this for about three hundred yards. And still heard and saw nothing. Maybe I smelled bad, lol. So I followed this trail to a rocky river. Took off my shoes rolled up my pants and crossed it. I felt like I just wanted to see how fart this trail went or where did it go.  After I cross the shallow rocky river I came to a dead end.  However, after looking about, I did come across some animal tracks, some deer tracks and what looks like a coyote tracks.( look below at picture). So after look around some and not seeing any other way, of getting back to my Jeep. I knew I had to cross back through this rocky river again, but than I realized that the river had tire tracks running through it. So this meant that a jeep or truck had passed by here many times. After cross back through the river, I looked at the weather and saw that I didn’t have much time before the rain came in. So I started my way back to my Jeep. By the time I got back to my Jeep it started rain really hard. After getting myself together and with the help of google maps, I was able to figure out what trail I was on. The trail I was on was called Lenape Trail. The Lenape Trail was established in 1982. This is the fifth largest trail in NJ(please see link below for full history). So after doing more research. That tire tracks I did see, where mostly service trucks. But it would have been nice if there was another off-roading trail that no one really knew about, to explore.

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